selected works of Eric Dunlap

NEC NP4100/NP4100W

Berlin Diary: (Schlüterstraße 27)

Media Design & Projection Mapping

English Theater Berlin, October 6 - Nov 112 2016

The world premiere of a new play by 2015 playwright in residence and Oregon Book Award winning playwright Andrea Stolowitz

In 1936 Dr. Max Cohnreich escapes Berlin, Germany and arrives in NYC settling there with his immediate family. In 1939 he writes about his experiences in a diary intended for his as yet unborn grandchildren. In 2015 his great-granddaughter Andrea Stolowitz travels to Berlin to use the diary to explore the life he describes and the relatives she never knew. The parallel lives of the characters create a narrative about the search for home and family which operates at the border of reality and memory and the intersection of national history and private lives.

more info on the English Theater Berlin website

Written by Andrea Stolowitz 

Directed by Daniel Brunet

With John Julian and Victoria J. Mayers

Set and Costume Design by Tamar Ginati  

Lighting Design by Christian Maith 

Media Design by Eric Dunlap 

Assistant Direction by Daniel Sauermilch 

Assistant Set Design by Ken Chinea 

Regiehospitantin: Noemi Berkowitz 

Assistant Lighting Design by Emanuel Haab